That age old saying has gotten me through quite a few rough patches over the years. However, you can only FAKE something so long, before you either become a permanent  “Poser” or a “Player”. I personally wanted to stay in the game so I quickly became a  self-imposed Player.

My name is Jennifer Stacey and I’m the Director of Sales and Marketing at Peter Stone Company USA, Inc. Peter Stone is a Worldwide Sterling Silver and Gold Jewelry designer, manufacturer and wholesale distributor. With five extremely successful and very unique brands, I had to learn a LOT about several different industries and had to instantly become an expert in all. So I was a poser. However, Kindle is my best friend. So I signed out and purchased as many Ebooks as I could to learn a little about each brand’s background, market audience and their nitch supply and demand and allowed the customers and the product to edge me forward to becoming an actual player.

When you deal with so many different nitch markets and when you create a product ( products ) that are so VERY nitch within each of those markets you must become intimate with the audiences culture, habits, beliefs, and desires. What better way than to simply ask them. I went on a quest. Emails, phone calls, online surveys. I needed to hear from THEM what they wanted from us. Guess what I found out? People like to talk about themselves. They love it in fact. They told me MORE information than what I was asking. This allowed me to create a very detailed intricate marketing plan targeting each nitch market buyers habits and appease them in a way that now, as a player and no longer a poser, I’m very successful. To the point that I created this blog JUST FOR THEM. For the small to medium business owners, that helped me in the beginning. To the store owners and online entrepreneurs who have taken our quality product and thrown caution to the wind on an impulse item ( Jewelry is the #2 impulse purchase worldwide) and I want to help them grow their business.

So this is for YOU. I’m going to offer my opinion as well as articles, white papers, links, guest writers, podcasts, videos, stats, and HELP. REAL HELP. As everyone was so eager to help me in the beginning, I want to give back. I want to help YOU grow your small business or your online store, increase profits, raise your repeat customers and of course, MAKE MORE MONEY! So, let’s get started!