Peter Stone Company, the Worldwide Designer, Manufacturer, and Wholesale Distributor of fine sterling silver and gold jewelry, has five successful brands covering five very unique wholesale markets.  Our Blog, Peter Stone Live, offers one on one advice, assistance, articles, tips, hints, white papers, templates, and videos to help wholesalers increase profits and improve customer relations in 2017. Our brands are as followed:

DiveSilver – Jewelry designed with Nautical, Dive and Sea Life enthusiasts in mind. This jewelry is best sold in Dive Shops, Beach Gift Stores and Boutiques, Aquariums, Resort and Tourist Gift Shops

Magick Symbols- Jewelry designed and divined for those within the Wiccan and Pagan culture. This jewelry sells best in New Age, Metaphysical and Spiritual Gift Shops.

Bree Z Stone – Fashion jewelry with the Millennials in mind. This line is best sold online and in stores where our younger generation frequents, and of course for the older women who are still young at heart.

Just Like Silver- For those that love the feel and look of silver, yet their customers can’t afford the price. Peter Stone created “Just Like Silver”, a line of white bronze, nickel free jewelry with all of the many Peter Stone brand designs.This line will sell at any gift shop where customers are seeking lower prices for a still quality product.

Peter Stone Jewelry- Celtic, New Age, Nature, Animals, and Symbols from Ancient til present, Peter Stone has something for everyone.

Display Program- All Brands offer a line of custom made rubber wood displays. Environmentally friendly, with lock and key, storage and taking less than one sq ft of counter space, these displays are designed to sell the jewelry for you!

This blog was created to help current and potential clients with the sales, marketing, and management of not only our jewelry lines but assistance with their business growth overall.