Back in the proverbial “Old Days” when we were still in Kansas,  marketing was simple. You sent out a letter via the postal service. Made some cold calls. Your marketing efforts were limited but successful. There were trade publications, direct mail, newspaper, radio, telephone, and television. In fact, at one point, do you remember FAX BLASTS being the new and exciting trend? Yes, I just gave MY age away. Well folks, we aren’t in Kansas anymore. Our trusted friend and follower Toto is now a Digital “Siri” who more than likely knows more about us than our spouses. The witch who died when Dorothy’s house landed on her, is OLD SCHOOL MARKETING. Glenna, the Good Witch, is E-Commerce and the Wizard of Oz behind the golden curtain (with all of the bells and whistles galore) is none other then OmniChannel Marketing.

Our customers don’t JUST visit your brick and mortar anymore. They don’t just sit in front of a desktop computer in the evening while connected to dial up. Now they can stand in line at your store, scan a product on their smart or iPhone and instantly are told where they can find it cheaper and how long it will take to get. Trade Publications are predominantly online. Thousands of Mail Room sorters have been laid off from the Corporate world, as everything is digital and online. Rather we like it or not, we live in a tech advanced era. If you want to survive, You MUST step up and take notice to your customers and THEIR research and buying habits. React and advertise accordingly. No longer is multi-channel marketing even a buzz. Omnichannel marketing is the here and now. Grab ALL of your friends from Oz because they will ALL be needed to successfully create an Omnichannel Marketing plan which can take you to the top.

You will desperately need the Lion’s courage when stepping into the technology of today. Toto ( or now called Siri) will guide you the best they can, however, make sure those hundreds of singing munchkins ( social networking sites) are trailing directly behind you because that is where it all begins. 81% of adult Americans have at least ONE social networking profile page that they visit daily. So if you know your customers are

81% of adult Americans have at least ONE social networking profile page that they visit daily. So if you know your customers are online, you must be too. Keep in mind that the Wicked Witch of The West ( your competition) has the same customer base, and they are in the same social networking rooms doing the same research looking for a better deal. DONT get into a price war. Instead, use Scarecrow. He has a heart. So do your customers. If you go the EXTRA mile for them and create a professional marketing campaign and ensure you are giving them a positive buying experience, they will be loyal customers, they will be repeat customers. So, social networking sites…CHECK. Brick and Mortar with an App and an email list…CHECK. Online store using Shopify or similar company…CHECK. Website that is simplistic and offers easy to find product and ordering process…CHECK. Phone calls…CHECK. Store App offering promos and digital coupons…CHECK. Once you have completed your checklist. Remember Content is Cash. Cash is King. You may not be in Kansas anymore, but you will be successful in Oz if you create a consistent and smart Omnichannel marketing plan.


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